The Island Pond Association
Stoddard, New Hampshire
About Us

The Island Pond Association depends entirely on its volunteers.  For example:

  • Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) - This is a NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) program, with lake water samples collected by local volunteers.  Volunteers gather water sample for DES analysis three times a year, in June, July, and August. For the most recent report, click here: 2018 VLAP results  If you need instructions for understanding the report read this.
  • Weed Watching - The DES Exotic Species Program, in conjunction with our volunteers, coordinates activities associated with the identification, control and management of exotic aquatic plants that present a risk to Island Pond and other bodies of water in the State and elsewhere.  If you are interested in adding an important, interesting, but still relaxing volunteer activity to your life, send us and Email and we will put your in contact with Charlotte Lesser, Stoddard, NH. 
  • New Hampshire Lake Host Program - This is a NH Lakes Association (NHLA)  program supported by local volunteers who have been coordinating Island Pond’s program since 2003.  The Program’s goal is to prevent the spread of exotic milfoil and other invasive aquatic species in NH.  This involves positioning lake hosts (employed and paid by NHLA) at the Stoddard Town Beach where they distribute brochures, complete a brief boater survey, and conduct voluntary, courtesy inspections to ensure exotic species are not attached to boats, motors, and trailers.

The Association acts as an informal communications link with other State and local organizations and entities in order to stay aware and informed of issues related to Island Pond.  The Association obtains and passes on information to members and guests attending its annual meeting and through this website. Meeting minutes are recorded and shared with its membership.  Minutes from recent years are included below.

     2013 Meeting Minutes
     2014 Meeting Minutes
     2015 Meeting Minutes
      2016 Meeting Minutes
     2017 Meeting Minutes
     2018 Meeting Minutes
     2019 Meeting Minutes - draft

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